Fit Men Cook: 100+ Meal Prep Recipes for Men and Women―Always…

Fit Men Cook: 100+ Meal Prep Recipes for Men and Women―Always #HealthyAF, Never Boring
Publisher: Touchstone
Date: 2018-12-04
ISBN-10: 1501178725
ISBN-13: 9781501178726
Language: English
Pages: 320
Added: 2018-10-17 14:12:03

The fitness influencer and creator of the #1 bestselling Food & Drink app, FitMenCook, shares 100 easy, quick meal prep recipes that will save you time, money, and inches on your waistline-helping you to get healthy on your own terms.

We like to be inspired when it comes to food. No one enjoys cookie-cutter meal plans, bland recipes, or eating the same thing every day. Instead of worrying about what to eat and how it’s going to affect our bodies, we should embrace food freedom-freedom to create flavorful meals, but in a more calorie-conscious way; freedom to indulge occasionally while being mindful of portions; and freedom to achieve wellness goals without breaking the bank.

In Fit Men Cook, Kevin Curry, fitness expert and social media sensation with millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of downloads on his app, shares everything you need to live a healthy life each day-from grocery lists to common dieting pitfalls to his ten commandments of meal prep-as well as his personal story of overcoming depression and weight gain to start a successful business and fitness movement. This guide also includes 100+ easy and flavorful recipes like Southern-Inspired Banana Corn Waffles, Sweet Potato Whip, Juicy AF Moroccan Chicken, and many more to help you plan your week and eat something new and nutritious each day. With Fit Men Cook, you can create exciting, satisfying meals and be on your way to losing weight for good.

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