Fitness Results Training Book by Lance McCullough

Fitness Results Training Book: 30 Minute Workouts: Weight Training, Health, Fitness & Dieting (Nutrition) for the Aging to Youth by Lance McCullough
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Overview: Fitness Results Training Book reveals how only three 30-minute weight training workouts a week, combined with a sensible diet, allows you to achieve your health and fitness dreams without endless hours of exercise and cardio, and without feeling beat up and sore. The book also reveals why what you’ve been told by the health and fitness industry is actually keeping you from achieving your dream body. Common-sense training methods that you rarely hear about are explained in clear language that makes sense. This unique program combines the science and art of strength training into a system that is quick, safe, efficient and effective.
Fitness Results Training Book is based on author Lance McCullough’s personal experience as a world champion bench press weight lifter and his 100,000+ personal training sessions with clients as a certified personal trainer. During his years as a weight lifting competitor, Lance developed a health, fitness and nutrition regimen that propelled him to world champion status. As a personal trainer, he modified the regimen to include diet and weight loss as well as weight training, so it works for people of all ages, fitness levels, and motivations. The Fitness Results Training Book is effective for youth and seniors; amateur and professional athletes training for a variety of sports; for the aging; for Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Post-Millennials.
Fitness Results Training Book lays it all out – nothing is held back. The author shares all his personal training secrets and the stories of clients he helped achieve their ultimate fitness dreams.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Self-help

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