Floral Biodiversity of Mascarene Islands by Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

Floral Biodiversity of the Mascarene Islands by Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, Rachna Seenauth
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Overview: The Mascarene Archipelago comprises of the three large islands: Republic of Mauritius, Rodrigues (Mru.) and La Reunion (Fr.) along with other volcanic remnants in the South West Indian Ocean.

Mauritius is the oldest and emerged some 7-10 million years ago while Rodrigues and Reunion have emerged in the last 2 million years. Reunion still has an active volcano – Piton de La Fournaise.

The remoteness of these islands from landmasses, the tropical, oceanic climate have had significant impact on their unique vegetation. These islands along with Madagascar are among the global biodiversity hotspots which defined by a high degree of endemism. The Mascarenes are closely associated with iconic floral species such as the black Ebony tree, the red nectar Nesocodon of Mauritius, the rare Café marron from Rodrigues and the Bois de senteur blanc of La Reunion.

This book takes the reader through the various ecosystems ranging from the coastal islets of all three islands to the cloud forests and the unique, almost subalpine scrubs at high elevations in Reunion Island. They will also learn about our unique and fragile floral biodiversity and its associated fauna.
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