Focus for Direction by Katrina Jean Taylor

Focus for Direction: How to Self-Heal and Find Your Own Answers by Katrina Jean Taylor
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Overview: Are you ready to be your own miracle worker? Are you ready to take control of your body’s amazing healing powers? Are you ready to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health? For the first time ever, Katrina Jean Taylor-the founder of the Direction Technique, a breakthrough healing method that is effective, direct, and focused-shares an exciting new wayto self-heal using your own intuitive energy. Using these techniques, you can learn to heal everyone in your life-yourself, your parents, and your children-and lead your own life, in your own way, in your own divine timing. Share in Katrina’s knowledge of ancient wisdom, dolphin communication, and her experiences with thousands of client sessions. By following her step-by step instructions, you’ll learn how to develop your own intuition so you can heal yourself and receive your own answers to life’s questions. Katrina presents case studies, medical intuitive reports, visualization exercises, and powerful affirmations to help you to self-heal and find direction in your life. Her new program uses quantum energy to bring about changes in the body across six levels-cellular, physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual. The Direction Technique works on the endocrine system, stimulating vibrations within the body to produce saliva and activate energy within the body to produce the production of enzymes and hormones. The aim is to retrain neuronal pathways in the brain to change the molecular structure in the cells for healing at all levels. Welcome to the world of intuitive energy healing!
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