Food Safety Network by Judy Smith

Food Safety Network by Judy Smith
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Overview: Do you eat a lot of conserved food? If yes, then this book will help you eat healthy, bacteria-free preserved food. With several conservation methods presented in this book you can learn their techniques as well as the right method applied to the three basic food groups.
Majority of the techniques mentioned in this book are easy, traditional and do not need any extraordinary equipments. These simple home preservation techniques will help you in storing food for hiking, camping, picnics and travelling purposes.
Most people assume that all preservation techniques require artificial additives or methods. That is not true! In this fast paced world, where lack of time can force you to eat a lot of junk food, these preservation techniques will make sure that you gain back control of your health. These methods can help you store food items for months. So, save your food and restore your health!
Genre: Non Fiction > Food & Drink

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