Forensic Toxicology by W. T. Lowry, James C. Garriott

Forensic Toxicology: Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs by W. T. Lowry, James C. Garriott
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Overview: With the rapid spread of drug use and abuse in this country over the last decade, events relating to drugs have become increasingly prominent in the court of law as well as in society in general. It is anticipated that throughout the 1980s this problem will continue to be one of the major social problems in the United States. With the complexity of the Federal and state laws and their interrelationships, and with the increasing demand for the expert chemist or toxicologist, or both, in the courtroom, more education for these people relating to drugs must be implemented. The prosecuting and defense attorneys are also in need of accurate toxicological information to adequately handle cases in which drugs playa role. This book is intended to be a practical as well as an educational book-a resource tool for the active forensic chemist, as well as for the student. It is with the forensic chemist in mind that the material on controlled substances and substances found in cases of drug abuse has been arranged in a systematic order for quick and easy reference. This section includes synonyms, pharma­ ceutical preparations, biochemistry and/or pharmacognosy, toxicology and/or pharmacology, and how the substance is controlled under Federal law. Under the concept of scientific consideration as compared with the Federal law, this book enables one to deal with some of the major conflicts in the American legal system concerning scientific evidence and how it is presented in a court of law.
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