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    Become a Forum Moderator

    We Need Your Help!
    Are you a caring person that likes helping others? Do you hate it when spam and harrassing posts drive people away from your favorite forum? free-ebook-download is largely a volunteer effort. That's why we need your help. We need volunteer moderators for many of our diseases & conditions forums.

    What Are the Responsibilities of a Forum Moderator?

    1. Foster a sense of community , caring and responsiveness in your assigned forum. This can be done easily by getting involved in discussions, responding to posts (especially those no one else reponds to), and offering your support. NOTE: You do not have to reply to every post (this would be downright exhausting for some forums!).
    2. Monitor your forum for abusive posts, unauthorized spam or advertisements, copyright infringements, any sort of harrassment, and any other violations of the forum rules and edit or delete posts that violate these rules (login first, then click on the "Edit" or "Delete" icon found at the top right hand corner of each message post). Use Admin Alerts to send reports to the forum administrator for serious and "repeat" offenders, or questionable posts you aren't sure about.
    3. Participate in the private Forum Moderator's forum. Only current moderator's have access to this forum, visible at the bottom of the main forum listing. This is the place to post questions, concerns, problems, ask for help, get feedback and input from your fellow moderators. It is a good idea to visit this forum regularly to keep updated with changes in the forums.
    4. Read the Moderator's FAQs. This will save yourself and the administrator some time regarding some of the more frequently asked questions that arise for moderators. This is a private, read-only forum for moderators only.

    Optional: Some moderators have set up regular chats for their forums, this is NOT required for moderators. If you choose to host chats, please post chat times in the calendar and in your assigned forum. There are no moderator tools available in the chat rooms, but you can use the Admin Alert link at the bottom of the chat window to send notices to the forum administrator.

    Who Are Current Forum Moderators?

    Check the list of current moderators and the forums they moderate.

    How Do I Signup to Become a Moderator?

    Once you have familiarized yourself with the forums and have read the forum rules, you are on your way to becoming a moderator. Preference in moderator applications is given to members that have been actively participating on the forums for awhile.

    To apply, send your username and the name of the forum you want to moderate, along with the reason why you would make a contribution to that forum (what qualities or experience you may have), to our administrator FED using PM . If your application is approved, the forum administrator will assign your member account moderator permissions and privileges.

    Thank You!
    Your efforts will not go unnoticed. You will be doing others (and yourself) a great deal of good (and will have the undying gratitude of our overworked founder, editor and forum administrator as well!). You will be helping us build one of the best and most active community and information resource web sites for Free Ebook Download.



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