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    Default FilesCash.NeT Earn 1000$ per 1000 Download

    *I've just launched my new file hosting website called
    Our new rewards program pays you 1000$ per 1000 Us download

    The minimum payment is $10.00 made through PayPal

    Basic Rules:

    * Earn 10 point per 1 USA download = 1$
    * Earn 1 point for any other download = 0.1$
    * Minimum cash-out = 500 points = $50
    * Files smaller than 5mb do not count

    * We pay every 1st of every month but you can request your money any time

    *The registration is limit ?

    Because no file host pay what we pay we will limit our service, the registration will be disable soon

    * Any cheat by using any script that generate download you will get ban without any warring

    * By using our service you accept the rules

    *Our server are using 1GB/s upload speed so some time you get 10-40M/s by upload

    * You can also check our

    We are legit.
    We do pay.
    And I will reply to this thread and provide support as needed or you can Pm me

    You can see our"]reward program fill free to contact our support

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    admin look at the thread u made
    u hv a missing bbcode
    the identification of url



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