French English Frequency Dictionary by J.L. Laide

French English Frequency Dictionary – Essential Vocabulary: 2500 Most Used Words & 548 Most Common Verbs by J.L. Laide
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Overview: The fastest and most efficient way to acquire a base vocabulary for practical spoken and written French. 2nd Edition Updates: + Now includes 5.000 French to English example sentences to help you learn faster and remember vocabulary quicker. + Added International Phonetic Alphabet entries to help you getting French pronunciation right Scientific research has shown that in day to day speech, you only use about 1.000 words a day. The 1000 most common words account for 95% of all daily conversational French. The 2.500 most used words account for 85% of all daily written text in FR. This essential French- English Word Frequency Dictionary gives you a list of the most used words to build your French vocabulary fast. These high frequency French words are a great tool for beginners and intermediate students. This electronic mini dictionary is a invaluable tool if you want to teach yourself French. Learn only the most important and most used words & verbs to quickly gain a practical knowledge of spoken and written French. This French- English dictionary is perfect for beginners and intermediate students of teenage or adult age. It is less suitable for kids and children.
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