Fresh Spice: Vibrant Recipes for Bringing Flavour, Depth and…

Fresh Spice: Vibrant Recipes for Bringing Flavour, Depth and Colour to Home Cooking
Publisher: Pavilion Books
Date: 2014-10-23
ISBN-10: 1909108472
ISBN-13: 9781909108479
Language: English
Pages: 272
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"Arun Kapil’s cookery book sparkles with delightful international recipes and a knowledgeable, enthusiastic use of seasonings. Dozens of dishes cry out to be made and eaten immediately, such as the Roast Herbed Salmon with Cardamom Sauce, which I made as soon as I came across it, and the Poached chicken with Lemon Grass and Herbs, which will just have to wait until tomorrow". Madhur Jaffrey "This Tiggerish man of spice has been a quietly fizzing fire-cracker for far too long, now. So, thank heavens he has finally exploded with this exciting and colourful book." Simon Hopkinson Change your perception of taste, flavour and seasoning with a new way of cooking with spices. Fresh, fragrant spices should be seen as everyday ingredients – they can be used to add flavour, clarity and a clean finish to a wealth of dishes, from roasts, grills and pies to soups, salads and sweet things. Fresh Spice brings you over 120 recipes using spices to transform classic dishes from around the world – from poached chicken with lemongrass and herbs and Roast herbed salmon with cardamom to Ginger and lime pudding. Let the spices add the zing, perfume and depth and deliver sultry, seductive, sense-tingling sensations like nothing else; dishes that are spectacular, yet subtle. Show more Show less 08ed955eff604ff0b82244f24931cc55  Size: (6.44 MB)   

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