From Edinburgh to the Antarctic by W. G. Burn Murdoch

From Edinburgh to the Antarctic: An Artist’s Notes and Sketches During the Dundee Antarctic Expedition of 1892-93 by W. G. Burn Murdoch
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Overview: At one time we drove north almost on to St. Kilda; at another we were nearly as far west as Rockall, a most objectionable rock rising out in the nw. Atlantic. The reader perhaps has never heard of it: I certainly never had, and do not wish ever to be near it again. Some of our crew had made its acquaintance before, and survived. They still spoke of it with hushed voices, and open, fearful eyes. On a black winter night they had driven on to it. All hands were saved; but the only passenger, an elderly spinster, was drowned in her cabin! She was said to be coming home with a fortune in specie – the skipper, they told me, never went to sea again, but. Lived on shore and built himself a splendid house.

But these evil days are past now: we are well into the warm weather, and the ne. Trades send us steadily southwards. Porpoises plunge round our bows, and blue flying-fish with gossamer, dragon-ily wings skip over the sunny waves. If the old pessimist who discoursed so wisely of the vanities were swinging alongside here in the hammock, he would agree that a bundle of cigarettes would make life perfect.
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