From Hoarding to Hope by Geralin Thomas

From Hoarding to Hope: Understanding People Who Hoard and How To Help Them by Geralin Thomas
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Overview: From Hoarding to Hope is a guidebook for families, clinicians, social workers, home health-care workers, public-health officials and related agencies, professional organizers, and animal control personnel.

Geralin Thomas, an organizing expert featured on A&E’s TV show Hoarders, and other related professionals offer a compassionate, multidimensional, comprehensive approach to understanding hoarding disorder and hoarding tendencies. Experts address the following questions and more: Does compulsive shopping or OCD lead to hoarding? How and where should contaminated items be disposed of safely? Should a person with a hoarding disorder take part in the decluttering and organizing process? What are the anticipated expenses? When is it time to call in professionals? What should someone reaching out for help expect?
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