From Program To Product: Turning Your Code …

From Program To Product: Turning Your Code Into A Saleable Product

Many wouldbe software entrepreneurs with expertise in many fields attempt to turn a homegrown applicationone developed for use in their own business or professioninto a commercial product. Lack of knowledge, experience, or skills often prevents the idea from ever taking shape, let alone achieving its potential. Entering a new field to start a business leaves many developers unprepared and not even fully aware its something they know so little about. They will also often have a job that conflicts with the time commitment required to market the program well enough for it to become a complete success. Do you have an idea for a commercially viable software product or already have a product with the potential for dream financial rewards? Wouldbe software entrepreneurs must consult From Program to Product: Turning Your Code into a Saleable Product, written by software developer and entrepreneur Rocky Smolin, for an indispensable roadmap to creating a commercially successful software product. Smolin shares insights from his own experience and covers topics you may never anticipate but are vital to success, like pricing, documentation, licensing, and tracking customers.

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