From Tulips To Bitcoins: A History Of …

From Tulips To Bitcoins: A History Of Fortunes Made And Lost In Commodity Markets

Four Centuries of Speculation and Commodity Markets From Tulips to Bitcoins is a fascinating look at big events in commodity and crypto markets from the Dutch Tulip Mania to Bitcoins today. It covers the Silver Thursday and the Hunt Brothers, the doom of Amaranth Advisors and Brian Hunter, Copper and the Congo, Gold, Rare Earths, Energy Metals, and Bitcoins, which rose from below 1,000 USD to above 20,000 USD within a year. These markets are on a crossroad of investing mega trends like demographics, climate change, electrification, and digitalization. By studying and learning from our past, we can make better decisions about the future. As Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."