Fundamentals of Bodybuilding & Physique by Charles Glass+ +

The Fundamentals of Bodybuilding and Physique Sculpting by Charles Glass, Neal Cochran
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Overview: This your opportunity to learn from Charles’ 35 years of Experience Sculpting Championship Physiques
How to Design a Workout Program
Generic, one-size-fits-all programs have never brought real results to anyone. You need a routine that is tailor made to your body.In this book, you will discover how to combine different exercises and training splits, and adjust rest periods, speed of reps and angles in order to get the most out of the workouts and push your body to the limits. (FYI, personal trainers charge A LOT for this)

How to Make Your Workouts More Effective
When it comes to increasing intensity and making workouts even more effective by making small shifts, Charles is second to none. His bag is full of tricks, including Pyramiding, Reverse pyramiding, Dead stops etc. and he finally decided to share them.

Charles Glass’s Recommended Workouts for Private Clients
Normally, you would have to pay hundreds of dollars for a workout designed by Charles Glass, but in this book you get 8 of his proven workouts for free.
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