Fury of the Bold by Jamie McFarlane

Fury of the Bold by Jamie McFarlane

Jamie McFarlane
Privateer Tales
Mikael Naramore

A looming alien horde. A buried alien weapon. One last chance to save humanity.

Liam Hoffen and his crew may have squashed a few alien bugs, but they’re nowhere near ready for the coming swarm. Left for dead on a backwater planet, Liam must crawl through ancient alien ruins in search of an advanced weapon. Piecing it together is the only way to hold the Kroerak forces at bay until reinforcements arrive – if they arrive at all.

Marny Bertrand has never left a crew member behind, and she’s not about to start now. When she discovers Liam is still alive, she’ll put everything on the line and mount a reckless rescue mission. If she can’t reach her stranded crew before their defenses fall, enemy droves will get their claws on the only weapon capable of saving humanity.

Fury of the Bold is the second audiobook in a standalone trilogy in the Privateer Tales epic, a series of high-octane space operas. If you like quirky crews, bold space battles, and alien artifacts, then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s rollicking 14th entry in the Privateer Tales saga.