Future Sacred through Julie J. Morley

Future Sacred: The Connected Creativity of Nature through Julie J. Morley
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Overview: Reveals how our survival depends upon embracing complexity awareness and when it comes to nature and all existence as sacred
• Rejects the "survival of the fittest" narrative in prefer of sacred symbiosis, inventive cooperation, interdependence and sophisticated pondering
• Provides examples from complexity research, cultural historical past, philosophy, indigenous spirituality, biomimicry, and ecology to turn how nature’s intelligence and creativity abound all over the place
• Documents how indigenous cultures lived in relative team spirit with nature as a result of they perceived themselves as a part of the "ordered complete" of all existence

In Future Sacred, Julie J. Morley provides a brand new standpoint at the human connection to the cosmos through unveiling the attached creativity and sacred intelligence of nature. She rejects the "survival of the fittest" narrative-the concept that survival calls for strife-and provides symbiosis and cooperation as nature’s trail ahead. She presentations how an more and more complicated global calls for more and more complicated awareness. Our survival will depend on embracing "complexity awareness," working out ourselves as a part of nature, in addition to when it comes to nature as sacred.
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