Game Theory

Game Theory
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Date: 2013-08-08
ISBN-10: 178190507X
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Language: English
Pages: 500
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‘Game Theory’ has served as a standard text for game theory courses since the publication of the First Edition in 1968. The Fourth Edition updates several recently developed subfields. It has been enlarged by adding a new section dealing with the controversial ‘Monty Hall Problem’, showing how the solution can be easily obtained by using game theoretic methods; rather than those of conditional probability theory. A new chapter discusses the work of recent Nobel Laureates: this includes, on the one hand, Hurwicz, Maskin and Myerson’s work on mechanism design, and, on the other hand, Roth’s work on auctions and two-sided matchings. Show more Show less b0da22a0cbebe8aa33cb0212247e66e0 Size: (6.60 MB) File name: 178190507XGame C.rar File size: 6.60 MB