Game Theory, Alive

Game Theory, Alive
Publisher: American Mathematical Society
Date: 2017-04-27
ISBN-10: 1470419823
ISBN-13: 9781470419820
Language: English
Pages: 372
Added: 2018-09-24 13:52:03

We live in a highly connected world with multiple self-interested agents interacting and myriad opportunities for conflict and cooperation. The goal of game theory is to understand these opportunities. This book presents a rigorous introduction to the mathematics of game theory without losing sight of the joy of the subject. This is done by focusing on theoretical highlights (e.g., at least six Nobel Prize winning results are developed from scratch) and by presenting exciting connections of game theory to other fields such as computer science (algorithmic game theory), economics (auctions and matching markets), social choice (voting theory), biology (signaling and evolutionary stability), and learning theory. Both classical topics, such as zero-sum games, and modern topics, such as sponsored search auctions, are covered. Along the way, beautiful mathematical tools used in game theory are introduced, including convexity, fixed-point theorems, and probabilistic arguments. The book is appropriate for a first course in game theory at either the undergraduate or graduate level, whether in mathematics, economics, computer science, engineering, or statistics. The importance of game-theoretic thinking transcends the academic setting-for every action we take, we must consider not only its direct effects, but also how it influences the incentives of others. Show more Show less 0da3e6d1aaeb8bd65d7915071181509e  Size: (7.80 MB)         

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