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George Washington and the Origins of the American Presidency by Mark J. Rozell, William D. Pederson, Frank J. Williams
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Overview: This essay collection is a retrospective analysis of the Washington administration’s importance to the understanding of the modern presidency. Contemporary presidential scholarship gives little attention to the enormous impact that Washington’s actions had on establishing the presidency. Most contemporary literature starts with 1933 and, although FDR’s impact on the development of the modern institution of the presidency is undeniable, Washington’s actions in office also established standards for practices that continue to this day.

This analysis of the Washington presidency begins with an examination of Washington’s leadership and its relevance to the modern presidency. The second group of essays looks at different aspects of presidential powers and the precedents established by the Washington administration. The third section examines Washington’s press coverage, looking at the origins of Washington’s image and the various myths in the press as well as the president’s difficult relations with his contemporary press. A thoughtful and important corrective that will be of interest to scholars, students, and researchers involved with the American presidency and its history.
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