Get 800 Microsoft Points. (Pics Included)

Hey Everyone. I was messing around on the internet and I found a way to get 800 Microsoft points for free and this site has been so helpful in providing all the downloads I can possibly handle that I thought I would share. The best part is that it is absolutely LEGAL and takes about 5 Minutes. Below I will guide you through a simple tutorial on how to obtain these Microsoft Points. If you get stuck or lost in the process feel free to email me at

[email protected]

Please read and enjoy. Thank You.

What you will need:
Mozilla Firefox or Chrome Browser
CouponXplorer Toolbar

Step 1: I am assuming you already have Firefox or Chrome so go to

and download the free coupon toolbar. (It will install just like a Firefox Add-on or Chrome Extension)

Step 2: Once you have installed the toolbar restart Firefox or Chrome and you will see a toolbar and a button that says "Free Stuff." Click on that button and you should see an offer that says "Join Bing Rewards and Receive 1000 Reward Credits." (Someone just emailed me and told that it may not show up the first time. If that happens just surf around a bit and it will appear. Just give it time. PATIENCE IS KEY. Thanks Chris)

Step 3: On the next page simply click join (Note you will need a windows live id aka @hotmail or @live email address) and your account will be credited 1000 Reward Points.

Step 4: After you click join you should be taken to the page you see below. If not Click on "Redeem" and then "See All" and you will see the 400 Microsoft Point reward valued and 500 Reward Points

Step 5: Click on the reward and start the redemption process. Pictures Shown below explain it. REDEEM



Step 8: Congratulation. It should take about 2 – 4 hours to receive your code for 400 Microsoft Points. Repeat steps 4 – 8 for 400 More Microsoft Points.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial I have made and again if you have any question please feel free to email me at

[email protected]