Getting Open by Tom Graham, Rachel Graham Cody

Getting Open: The Unknown Story of Bill Garrett and the Integration of College Basketball by Tom Graham,Rachel Graham Cody
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Overview: A striking and honest portrait of a man overcoming racism in a place that barely acknowledged its existence." -Publishers Weekly

Bill Garrett was the Jackie Robinson of college basketball. In 1947, the same year Robinson broke the color line in major league baseball, Garrett integrated big-time college basketball. By joining the basketball program at Indiana University, he broke the gentleman’s agreement that had barred black players from the Big Ten, college basketball’s most important conference. While enduring taunts from opponents and pervasive segregation at home and on the road, Garrett became the best player Indiana had ever had, an all-American, and, in 1951, the third African American drafted in the NBA. In basketball, as Indiana went so went the country. Within a year of his graduation from IU, there were six African American basketball players on Big Ten teams. Soon tens, then hundreds, and finally thousands walked through the door Garrett opened to create modern college and professional basketball. Unlike Robinson, however, Garrett is unknown today.
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