Getting Started with Tableau 2019.2 by Tristan Guillevin

Getting Started with Tableau 2019.2: Effective data visualization and business intelligence with the new features of Tableau 2019.2 (2nd Edition) by Tristan Guillevin
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 19.7MB
Overview: Leverage the power of Tableau 2019.2’s new features to create impactful data visualization
Key Features
Get up and running with the newly released features of Tableau 2019.2
Create enterprise-grade dashboard and reports to communicate your insights effectively
Begin your Tableau journey by understanding its core functionalities
Book Description Tableau is one of the leading data visualization tools and is regularly updated with new functionalities and features. The latest release, Tableau 2019.2, promises new and advanced features related to visual analytics, reporting, dashboarding, and a host of other data visualization aspects. Getting Started with Tableau 2019.2 will get you up to speed with these additional functionalities.
The book starts by highlighting the new functionalities of Tableau 2019.2, providing concrete examples of how to use them. However, if you’re new to Tableau, don’t worry – you’ll be guided through the major aspects of Tableau with relevant examples. You’ll learn how to connect to data, build a data source, visualize your data, build a dashboard, and even share data online. In the concluding chapters, you’ll delve into advanced techniques such as creating a cross-database join and data blending.
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