Glenn Osborn – Heroin on Paper NLP in Print Manual

Glenn Osborn – Heroin on Paper NLP in Print Manual
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Here’s What It’s All About.

The Following 28 Chapters of WEIRD CASE STUDIES are Written for men (and women) Who WANT to Make MORE MONEY. And Want to Flirt Practice Their "Heroin-In-Print-NLP EXTRA CASH Getting Skills.



You’ll Find Three Acts in this Letter.

ACT I – Is Where The Flirting with Copywriting Idea Came From

ACT II – SPECIFIC IDEAS to Make/Save You Munny w/NLP-In-Print.

ACT III – A Detailed Table of Contents – So You Know Exactly What you Are Getting.



Where and how we Use "Heroin-in-Print-Copywriting."

I – HIDDEN NLP-In-PRINT Moolah from Home.
II – COVERT NLP-In-PRint Over The Phone.
III – INVISIBLE NLP-In-Print In Person. Or on a video Conference Call.
IV – SECRET NLP-In-Print Strategies For Public Speaking or at Business Meetings with a Group.

You Wanna Know My SECRET to GREAT Heroin-in-Print COPYWRITING RESULTS?

FLIRT TESTING. I’ve been doing it for 27 years.

We Constantly FLIRT TEST Advanced NLP Ideas From Our Billionaire Watching Club. When I Shop, Dine Out, Go Out With Clients and Friends.




Too. (So You KNOW what works in a sales situation.)




READ Thru The Table of Contents Below. FIND An Idea, Situation or Case Study that YOU LIKE and FLIRT TEST IT!

(EDITORS NOTE – You Will Be Thinking… WOW – If Glenn Gives So Much Away that I can Apply an NLP Idea from His Sales Letter ALONE… What The HECK is in the "Heroin-in-Print…" E-book? NLP-In-PRINT-IN-ACTION.)




Meet My Copywriting Flirt Test Mentor –

Gary Halbert Taught Me How IMPORTANT It Is To FLIRT TEST My Copywriting

After I Watched Gary Halbert – The Self Styled "Prince of Print" (Whose NLP WORDS have Grossed Literally BILLIONS) Empty a seminar room By READING a Sales letter.

I Got CRAZY-Curious.

How Did he Do it?

Instead of running out of the room with the Rest of the Audience to B-uy his Offer. (Which was only good for the next HOUR.)

I asked Gary Questions.

Gary was Kinda Happy cuz he had just made 230,000.00 in One Hour. Gary told me he Flirt Tested His Headline, His Reason Why, His offer, his Prices – to Pretty Girls. And in Bars.

That Didn’t help me much.

Here’s What Gary Told Me He SAID When he Walked up to a HOT CHICK…

"Hi. My name is Gary Halbert. I Write Best Selling Ad Copy and Work with SuperStars (He’d List The HOT Stars of the Moment.) And I’d like to Get Your OPINION of my Latest Product Headline."

How to Sleep With Hot Sexy Women 60 Minutes After You Meet Her – Even if You Are Ugly, Have Bad Breath, zits, or are In a Wheel Chair.



EDITORS NOTE – (This is a REAL HEADLINE that Grossed six Figures in a Radio Ad which sold a 199.97 Special Report.) AFTER TESTING Gary’s Idea – We Created an Audio mp3 Program Called, "How 4 Coeds Ripped My Clothes Off One Night". (EDITORS NOTE – DANG IT. This hidden Sweet Spot to meet Coeds and Young Women has gotten Even Better Since Gary Halbert THUNK it up. I should Create a New Info Product around it.) E-Mail me if you want to know more – [email protected])





Am Not Gary Halbert.

So his Copywriting FLIRT PITCH to Hot Sexy Women Didn’t HELP ME.

But We Found The Answer.

Later I chatted with one of Gary’s Assistants. I guess you’d call him a "Copy Cub." Young guys flew in and worked for Gary for Free just to Learn Copywriting. They did his shopping. Cleaned the house. LIVED in his house.

Mr Copy Cub Drove Gary’s HOT PINK MERCEDES.


No help to me.

I didn’t own a Mercedes.

But I asked Mr Copy Cub, "Where did Gary Get a Hot Pink Mercedes?"

Answer – "Gary Paid 5 Grand to have it Specially Painted."



ME – "Ok, but why did Gary Paint His Car PINK?"

Mr Copy Cub – "Gary is Crazy. And it’s a Pain in the ass to Drive him around. Talk about a Back Seat Driver. Plus guys come over to the car at Red Lights and Look at me like I’m GAY."

ME – "Wow, Sucks to be you."

Mr Copy Cub – "Yeah. And Gary Just Sits there Laughing. But lots of Cute Girls run over to the car too. So that is fun. Except Gary won’t let me Talk to all of the dozens of HOT WOMEN who run up to the Pink Car. He’s always showing off by reading Girls his latest Headline."

ME – "Wow, Imagine that. Dozens of Women Run over to you and Gary Tortures you By reading his Headlines to them."

(EDITORS NOTE – But You KNOW What I’m Thinking. What Can I Do To Persuade HOT GIRLS To Run Over to Me?)

And There You Have it.

A NLP-In-Print SECRET You Have To BUY-The-Book To Learn


Do You Get Girls Drunk on NLP-in-Print?

Because my Friend Alain – from France – is Like Gary Halbert. GADZOOKS – I don’t have the BRASS BALLS to Hand Women a 3 by 5 Card that says, "If You Want to Sleep With Me – JUST SMILE."

Unless The Sexy Women Are STONED like a Zombie.

High as a Kite.

Drunk as A Zebra.






Get Girls

DRUNK on Positive Energy

Before I Showed them Alains Card.

WE Tested – with one foot out the door. Ready to run. But "Heroin-In-Print Means we Were Perfectly SAFE.


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