Global and Culturally Diverse Leaders and Leadership

Global and Culturally Diverse Leaders and Leadership
Emerald Publishing | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 1787434966 | 376 Pages | PDF | 3.08 MB
by Jean Lau Chin (Author, Editor), Joseph E. Trimble (Editor), Joseph E. Garcia (Editor)
Global and Culturally Diverse Leaders and Leadership explores diverse cultural leadership styles and paradigms that are dynamic, complex, globally authentic and culturally competent for the 21st century. An outstanding group of scholars considers how the different worldviews and lived experiences of leaders influence their leadership styles. They discuss several dimensions, models and initiatives for examining leadership in a global and diverse world, ultimately offering ways in which these leadership processes may be assessed and cultivated in a culturally sensitive and ecologically valid manner. Redefining leadership as global and diverse, this book imparts a new understanding of the criteria for selecting, training and evaluating leaders in the 21st century
“A major contribution to our understanding of the role diversity can play in enacting effective leadership on a global stage. The case for the value of integrating diversity into leadership at every level of human organization is thoroughly described through both academic literature and the stories of lived experiences of diverse leaders. For students, scholars and practitioners of leadership alike, this volume challenges our fundamental concepts, models and assumptions about leaders and leadership, while providing invaluable insight into how diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural experiences, world views and contexts can enhance the work of all leaders.”
-Sandra L. Shullman, Executive Development Group, Columbus, OH, USA
“This work challenges existing paradigms of leadership. By illustrating the importance of diversity and pushing the boundaries of current leadership models, the authors map pathways to expand access to leadership positions for women and ethnoculturally diverse individuals. In achieving this, the authors have cast vision to an exercise of leadership building a more inclusive future.”
James Allen, PhD, University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus
“As societies increase in diversity, virtually everyone encounters at least some diversity-related challenges. However, for leaders, these challenges are insistent because they are responsible for facilitating the progress of groups and organizations toward shared goals. For insights and guidance on meeting these leadership challenges, look no further than the excellent volume edited by Chin, Trimble, and Garcia. The authors of these insightful chapters address topics ranging from leadership traditions in non-Western cultures to university administrators efforts to achieve culturally competent leadership amid crisis and conflict.”
-Alice Eagly, Professor of Psychology; Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research Northwestern University
Current leadership models were founded on North American and European traditions, say business and education scholars, and the associated research agenda has been ethnocentric, gender-biased, and bound by time and place. This is no longer justifiable, or even workable. They examine new ways of examining research, teaching, and practice to develop a body of knowledge on leadership that will have greater relevance, effectiveness, and applicability in today’s world. -Annotation ?2017 Ringgold Inc. Portland, OR (