Grails 3 – Step By Step by Cristian Olaru

Grails 3 – Step By Step by Cristian Olaru
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Overview: Grails is a full stack Web framework, covering all the aspects of a modern web application development. Its plugins system is unique in the Java world – you can divide your application into complete functional modules, containing presentation and business logic. Because it runs in JVM, it has access to the entire Java ecosystem. Because is written in Groovy, it has access to all Groovy libraries and tools. If you have developed multiple applications over time, you have recognized a set of principles and good practices that can be reused. You don’t want to start from scratch each time you build your new application. Grails has good technical principles that make it a good starter for your new applications. With Grails, you have an established architecture from the beginning, and you can implement new features in an easy way, using scaffolding and the plugins ecosystem. And this is more valuable when you have to get to the market first, before your competitors.
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