Great Sex Guide by Anne Hooper

Great Sex Guide by Anne Hooper
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Overview: Great sex is the ultimate key to a fulfilled and loving relationship! This philosophy is at the heart of Hooper’s approach to sexuality and relationships, and this little book gives readers everything they need in order to achieve great sex. Exercises, meditations, and activities draw on Eastern as well as Western traditions, combining with tasteful color photography to make this book the most sophisticated yet accessible guide to enhancing sexual pleasure and reaching new levels of intimacy. Ann Hooper, best-selling author and member if the Association of Sexual and Marital Therapists, specializes in working with people with sexual, personal, and emotional problems. Her books are the result of years of research and working with couples. She employs a signature approach of question-and-answers, real-life case histories, practical help and extensive full-color illustration in each book. The tasteful, yet explicit photographs are created especially for the books and her language is direct, yet not off-putting. With each of her books she seeks to help individuals and couples achieve their full potential in their physical and emotional relationships using all the resources available to them.
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