Greek to GCSE: Part 1: Revised edition for OCR GCSE Classical…

Greek to GCSE: Part 1: Revised edition for OCR GCSE Classical Greek (9-1)
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Date: 2016-10-06
ISBN-10: 1474255167
ISBN-13: 9781474255165
Language: English
Pages: 224
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First written in response to a JACT survey of over 100 schools, and now endorsed by OCR, this textbook has become a standard resource for students in the UK and for readers across the world who are looking for a clear and thorough introduction to the language of the ancient Greeks. Revised throughout and enhanced by coloured artwork and text features, this edition will support the new OCR specification for Classical Greek (first teaching 2016).
Part 1 covers the basics and is self-contained, with its own reference section. It covers the main declensions, a range of active tenses and a vocabulary of 250 Greek words to be learned. Pupil confidence is built up by constant consolidation of the material covered. After the preliminaries, each chapter concentrates on stories with one source or subject: Aesop, Homer’s Odyssey and Alexander the Great, providing an excellent introduction to Greek culture alongside the language study. Written by a long-time school teacher and examiner, this two-part course is based on experience of what pupils find difficult, concentrating on the essentials and on the understanding of principles in both accidence and syntax: minor irregularities are postponed and subordinated so that the need for rote learning is reduced. It aims to be user-friendly, but also to give pupils a firm foundation for further study.
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