Green Tea: Antioxidants in a Cup by Diana Rosen

Green Tea: Antioxidants in a Cup by Diana Rosen
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Overview: Determining Brewing Time

Generally, 30 seconds to 1 minute of steeping is best for greens, but there are exceptions. Some Ceylonese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, and Indian greens – particularly Nilgiri and Darjeeling greens – can stand longer brewing times, and some Chinese Long Jing (Dragon-well) teas do quite well at 6 or 7 minutes of brewing. Always ask your tea merchant for recommendations on time and temperature.

Using a Thermometer

Quickly gauging the temperature of water becomes a matter of being sensitive to your teakettle and the sounds it makes. Until you reach that feeling of familiarity, get yourself a simple candy thermometer; they’re about five dollars in most hardware stores, chef’s shops, and major supermarkets.

To determine water temperature, simply dip the metal gauge into the water, wait a few seconds for the temperature dial to move, and read the temperature. If it has reached its peak, remove the kettle from the heat source. If not, continue to heat until it’s right. If you do this two or three times, you will be able to gauge the time and temperature easily.

You will soon become so familiar with your kettle that you will hear the bubbles as they grow from tiny to large to roiling. As with everything worthwhile, it just takes a little practice.
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