H. G. Wells – The First Men In The Moon (2007)

Britain received the Moon Race! Decades ahead of Neal Armstrong took his "massive jump for mankind" two intrepid adventurers from Lympne, England, journeyed there the usage of now not a rocket, however an antigravity coating.

Mr. Bedford, who narrates the story, tells of ways he fell in with eccentric inventor Mr. Cavor, grew to imagine in his researches, helped him construct a sphere for touring in area, after which partnered with him in an expedition to the Moon.

What they discovered used to be incredible! There used to be now not best air and water, however the Moon used to be honeycombed with caverns and tunnels through which lived a complicated civilization of insect-like beings. While Bedford is fearful via them and bolts house, Cavor remains and is handled with nice appreciate.

So why did not Armstrong and later astronauts to find the proof of all this? Well, consistent with declares via Cavor over the newly-discovered radio era, he advised the Selenites an excessive amount of about mankind, and it seems that, they got rid of the welcome mat!

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