Hack Proofing Your Ecommerce Site by Ryan Russell+

Hack Proofing Your Ecommerce Site by Ryan Russell, L. Brent Huston, Tewell, Robin Walshaw, Oliver Steudler ri Bid
Requirements: .PDF reader, 7.3 MB
Overview: From the authors of the bestselling Hack Proofing Your Network!
Yahoo!, E-Bay, Amazon. Three of the most popular, well-established, and lavishly funded Web sites in existence, yet hackers managed to penetrate their security systems and cripple these and many other Web giants for almost 24 hours. E-Commerce giants, previously thought to be impenetrable are now being exposed as incredibly vulnerable. This book will give e-commerce architects and engineers insight into the tools and techniques used by hackers to compromise their sites. The security of e-commerce sites is even more imperative than non-commerce sites, because the site has the added responsibility of maintaining the security of their customer’s personal and financial information.

Hack Proofing Your E-Commerce Site will provide computer architects and engineers all of the information they need to design and implement security measures.
* Heightened media awareness of malicious attacks against "secure" sites guarantees a wide audience
* Uses forensics-based analysis to give the reader insight to the mind of a hacker. This understanding is crucial for security professionals to defend against attacks
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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