Handbook of Analytical Techniques, 2 Volume Set

Handbook of Analytical Techniques, 2 Volume Set
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Date: 2001-04-11
ISBN-10: 3527301658
ISBN-13: 9783527301652
Language: English
Pages: 1198
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The "Handbook of Analytical Techniques" serves as a concise, one-stop reference source for every professional, researcher, or student using analytical techniques. All relevant spectroscopic, chromatographic, and electrochemical techniques are described, including chemical and biochemical sensors, as well as e. g. thermal analysis, bioanalytical, nuclear or radiochemical techniques. Special articles are devoted to general topics such as chemometrics, sampling, and sample preparation.
All articles were written and reviewed by acknowledged experts. They cover the fundamentals, instrumentation, and applications of each technique. Numerous references for each article facilitate access to the primary literature.
This two-volume handbook comprises almost 1,200 pages with more than 900 figures and has an attractive two-column page layout. It is the key source for problemsolving in all areas of analysis, e. g. of food, water, wastewater, air, soil, biomolecules, pharmaceuticals, or for materials characterization. Show more Show less 2bf280c0ef85fbd2c12668a50d834dc5]https://novafile.com/dm82e2mnbk3x Size: (42.30 MB) [/code]da7bfe35351ac1b08443a8735085e2d2] Bad link [/code]File name: Handbook of analytical techniques.pdf File size: 42.30 MB 2021a351d40fc853f746e221445d6152]https://filescdn.com/w5n1rl78vyuf Size: (42.30 MB) [/code]25dc1202a4622106bd2fcf9c1c060cf8] Bad link [/code]File name: 3527301658.pdf File size: 42.30 MB