Handbook Of Image And Video Processing (communications, …

Handbook Of Image And Video Processing (communications, Networking And Multimedia)

The Handbook of Image and Video Processing contains a comprehensive and highly accessible presentation of all essential mathematics, techniques, and algorithms for every type of image and video processing used by scientists and engineers. The timely volume will provide both the novice and the seasoned practitioner with the necessary information and skills to be able to develop algorithms and applications for multimedia, digital imaging, digital video, telecommunications, and World Wide Web industries. Handbook of Image and Video Processing will also serve as a textbook for courses such as digital image processing, digital image analysis, digital video, video communications, multimedia, and biomedical image processing in the departments of electrical and computer engineering and computer science. * No other resource contains the same breadth of up-to-date coverage * Contains over 100 example algorithm illustrations * Contains a series of extremely accessible tutorial chapters * Indispensible for researchers in telecommunications, internet applications, multimedia, and nearly every branch of science

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