Hands-On Bug Hunting for Penetration Testers: A practical guide to help ethical hackers discover web application security flaws

Author(s): Joseph Marshall

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Detailed walkthroughs of how to discover, test, and document common web application vulnerabilities.
Key Features
Learn how to test for common bugs
Discover tools and methods for hacking ethically
Practice working through pentesting engagements step-by-step
Book Description
Bug bounties have quickly become a critical part of the security economy. This book shows you how technical professionals with an interest in security can begin productivelyand profitablyparticipating in bug bounty programs.
You will learn about SQli, NoSQLi, XSS, XXE, and other forms of code injection. Youll see how to create CSRF PoC HTML snippets, how to discover hidden content (and what to do with it once its found), and how to create the tools for automated pentesting workflows.
Then, youll format all of this information within the context of a bug report that will have the greatest chance of earning you cash.
With detailed walkthroughs that cover discovering, testing, and reporting vulnerabilities, this book is ideal for aspiring security professionals. You should come away from this work with the skills you need to not only find the bugs you’re looking for, but also the best bug bounty programs to participate in, and how to grow your skills moving forward in freelance security research.
What you will learn
Choose what bug bounty programs to engage in
Understand how to minimize your legal liability and hunt for bugs ethically
See how to take notes that will make compiling your submission report easier
Know how to take an XSS vulnerability from discovery to verification, and report submission
Automate CSRF PoC generation with Python
Leverage Burp Suite for CSRF detection
Use WP Scan and other tools to find vulnerabilities in WordPress, Django, and Ruby on Rails applications
Write your report in a way that will earn you the maximum amount of money
Who this book is for
This book is written for developers, hobbyists, pentesters, and anyone with an interest (and a little experience) in web application security.
Table of Contents
Joining the Hunt
Choosing Your Hunting Ground
Preparing for an Engagement
Unsanitized Data An XSS Case Study
SQL, Code Injection, and Scanners
CSRF and Insecure Session Authentication
Detecting XML External Entities
Access Control and Security Through Obscurity
Framework and Application-Specific Vulnerabilities
Formatting Your Report
Other Tools
Other (Out of Scope) Vulnerabilities
Going Further