Hands-On Neural Network Programming with C# by Matt R. Cole

Hands-On Neural Network Programming with C#: Add powerful neural network capabilities to your C# enterprise applications by Matt R. Cole
Requirements: PDF Reader 35 MB
Overview: Create and unleash the power of neural networks by implementing C# and .Net code
Key Features
• Get a strong foundation of neural networks with access to various machine learning and deep learning libraries
• Real-world case studies illustrating various neural network techniques and architectures used by practitioners
• Cutting-edge coverage of Deep Networks, optimization algorithms, convolutional networks, autoencoders and many more
Book Description
Neural networks have made a surprise comeback in the last few years and have brought tremendous innovation in the world of artificial intelligence.
The goal of this book is to provide C# programmers with practical guidance in solving complex computational challenges using neural networks and C# libraries such as CNTK, and TensorFlowSharp. This book will take you on a step-by-step practical journey, covering everything from the mathematical and theoretical aspects of neural networks, to building your own deep neural networks into your applications with the C# and .NET frameworks.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Tech & Devices –

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