Hands-On Python & Xcode Image Processing Build Games & Apps

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Coding masterclass – Learn the Python coding language. Learn image manipulation & recognition techniques for iOS apps.
What you’ll learn

Program in Python.
Use lists, loops, sets, and dictionaries in Python.
Handle input and output.
Create classes.
Import in Python.
Create a Blackjack game.
Handle errors.
Apply common filters like Sepia and Blur to the images in your app. Test distortion and transition effects! See what happens when you combine multiple filters.
Use Facial Recognition software that is available in Swift to detect facial features such as eyes and smiles in photographs. Detect text found in images.
Develop an interface that will allow you to load, modify, and save CIImages. Learn the different ways to load images from multiple sources into an iOS app. Knowing how to save images in a photo album opens a whole slew of possibilities!
Superimpose images onto other images. Let a user place an image from a Camera Roll to the location where you tap on an app.
Let a user zoom and pan on your app’s images. This functionality is especially useful for users to interact with images like maps.


You will need to install Python. Python is compatible with Mac and PC.
You will need Xcode, Apple’s free software for making apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Xcode is only available on a Mac or with MacOS software.
These tutorials were recorded on a Mac computer using Python 3.5 and Xcode 8.


In Part 1, you learn how to code in the Python 3.5 programming language. Whether you have or have not coded before, you can learn how to use Python. Python is a popular programming language that is useful to know because of its versatility.

Python is easy to understand and can be used for many different environments. Cross-platform apps and 3D environments are often made in Python.

We cover basic programming concepts for people who have never programmed before. This course covers key topics in Python and coding in general, including variables, loops, and classes. Moreover, you learn how to handle input, output, and errors.

To learn how to use Python, we create our own functioning Blackjack game! In this game, you receive cards, submit bets, and keep track of your score.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to use the coding knowledge you gained to make your own apps and environments in Python.

In Part 2, you learn how to add unique features to the images in your apps. A CIImage is a representation of an image that can be altered with Core Image filters. These filters allow users to change and interact with images in cool and useful ways. CIImages provide a lot of power that other image types do not.

Why Xcode?

Xcode is Apple’s FREE software for app development. Xcode is user-friendly and has the tools you need to make apps for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Learn with us how to add User Interface (UI) elements, including text fields, sliders, and buttons, to make an app. You learn to code in Swift 3.0, Apple’s programming language, to make the app function.

Included in this course is material for beginners to get comfortable with the interfaces. Please note that we reuse this material in similar courses because it is introductory material. You can find some material in this course in the following related courses:

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"Is this course for me?" Yes!

By taking this course, you will gain the tools you need continue improving yourself in the field of app development. You will be able to apply what you learned to further experiment in Xcode and make your own apps able to perform more.

Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

Complete beginners who want to learn to code in Python.
App developers who want to learn how to add image manipulation, recognition, and processing to their iOS apps.