Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness


Author: Jeff Warren | Publisher: Oneworld Publications | Date: 2010-10-07 | Format: pdf | Pages: 240 | Language: English | ISBN10: 1851685618

Description: From the Big Bang to the Theory of Everything, “Sunday Telegraph” Science Correspondent Robert Matthews takes us on a tour of twenty-five of the biggest ideas in modern science. Along the way, he explains how the theory that proved Einstein wrong might one day make teleportation possible  how the principles of mathematics could be used to broker peace treaties  and why the key to understanding some of the deepest mysteries of the universe could be linked to the barcode on our groceries. Matthews uncovers the major personalities in the history of science, from World War Two code breaker Alan Turing and his test for artificial intelligence, to modern scientists such as Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking. He explains key terms throughout and each ‘big idea’ also features a timeline charting the key discoveries.


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