Healing with Mushrooms by Walter Ardigò (Ardigo) +

Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms: A Practical Handbook by Walter Ardigò
Requirements: ePUB, PDF Reader, 7.2 MB
Overview: “HEALING WITH MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS, A practical handbook” recommends the use of medicinal mushrooms for the treatment of different pathologies in various medical fields. While explaining key-concepts and giving some practical rules the author, Dr Walter Ardigò, informs professionals and patients on how medicinal mushrooms act positively on the symptoms and causes of many illnesses. This practical handbook helps to select the most suitable healing mushrooms to treat over 200 diseases and disorders.

Dr Walter Ardigò, in his long career as a qualified doctor, an expert both in conventional medicine as physician and researcher, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and formerly as psychiatric hospital manager, as well as in alternative medicine as acupuncturist and homeopath, has been constantly working, studying and carrying out research on medical mushrooms since 2004 when he started using medicinal mushrooms to treat minor illnesses such as flu, allergy, gastritis, colitis and dermatitis. As of 2008, step by step, he started treating major illnesses like autoimmune disorders (e.g. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), asthma, heart disease, kidney disease and chronic disease in different medical fields achieving really encouraging results.

The book, written in an informative style, is extremely clear and easy to read, ideal for doctors, GPs, health professionals, naturopaths and all those interested in medicinal mushrooms.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Health

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