Healthy Sweet Tooth Recipes by Louisa Abraham

Healthy Sweet Tooth Recipes: 90 sweet recipes for your sweet tooth using only health friendly sweeteners by Louisa Abraham
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Overview: I have always been a sweet tooth and that’s why I know sweet tooths are the people that get the worst rep out of all groups associated with food. The instant you hear sweet tooth what you think is huge doses of unhealthy sweeteners, chocolate and every other food types that scream unhealthy.
If you are nodding your head now, I understand you perfectly because that was what I was consuming at a time in my life which showed in my physique. Then I learnt what to do and I was glad I did.

I learnt to replace sweeteners like sugar and saccharin with healthier ones like turbinado sugar and, granular sucralose sweetener and milk sweetener and believe me it is a decision I have never regretted.
Now if there are readers wondering if the change in sweetener meant a subpar taste or flavor then I must tell you that wasn’t the case. In fact in some cases the meal got sweeter and stored longer so you see it’s a win win all round.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Food & Drink

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