Heidegger (The Routledge Philosophers) by John Richardson

Heidegger by John Richardson (The Routledge Philosophers)
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Overview: Martin Heidegger is one of the twentieth century ‘s most influential, but also most cryptic and controversial philosophers. His early fusion of phenomenology with existentialism inspired Sartre and many others, and his later critique of modern rationality inspired Derrida and still others. This introduction covers the whole of Heidegger ‘s thought and is ideal for anyone coming to his work for the first time.

John Richardson centres his account on Heidegger ‘s persistent effort to change the very kind of understanding or truth we seek. Beginning with an overview of Heidegger ‘s life and work, he sketches the development of Heidegger ‘s thought up to the publication of Being and Time. He shows how that book takes up Husserl ‘s method of phenomenology and adapts it. He then introduces and assesses the key arguments of Being and Time under three headings pragmatism, existentialism, and temporality its three levels of analysis of human experience.
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