Hell Yeah! or Hell No! by Sam Kyle

Hell Yeah! or Hell No! And How to Tell the Difference: The Ultimate Guide to Intuitive Decision Making by Sam Kyle
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Overview: We’ve all heard it. We’ve all done it. Sometimes the outcome was great and other times it backfired in disastrous ways. When we’re right, we pat ourselves on the back and bask in our own brilliance. When we’re wrong, we’re perplexed – even surprised – like the rug was pulled out from under us. So the big question becomes: How can you tell the difference? Especially when stakes are high and the wrong decision carries heavy consequences. How do you know when you can trust your gut and when you absolutely shouldn’t? Is it more than luck? Sam Kyle, in his second book, Hell Yeah! or Hell No! and How to Tell the Difference, dives into the mountains of recent academic research to answer those questions and more.
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You’ll discover:
1. What kinds of decisions are perfect for intuitive decision making and which ones aren’t
2. How to train your “intuition muscles,” so when you make a gut decision, you know you can trust it
3. How to “spot check” your feedback loop so you’ll instantly recognize optimal gut decision situations
4. The biggest mistakes people make when making any decision (and how to avoid them)
5. How flipping a coin “hacks” your intuition when you’re on the fence about something important
6. How to identify the sneaky cognitive bias that feels like a gut decision but almost always leads you down the wrong path

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