Hero’s Journey by George Hutton

Hero’s Journey: Discover Your True Purpose and Make Life An Epic Adventure by George Hutton
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Overview: Each of us has the capacity for greatness. We know this because of the stories we tell other. The stories we have been telling each other since before recorded history. The same stories that resonate with us today.

The Reason For The Hero’s Journey

All mythology, modern fiction, and Hollywood blockbusters follow this template. Joseph Campbell called it the Hero’s Journey for a very important reason. We are the hero, and we have been put here to discover our own journey.

Have You Been Called Yet?

Every hero starts out wandering, alone, unsure. Then something happens that forces him or her on their journey. Most of us are still waiting. This guide will teach you how to find, define and create your own hero’s journey. To find opportunities where you least expect them.

Stories Are Practice

These stories offer us guidance, support, and examples of how to live. They follow such a similar structure because our lives follow a similar structure. The same things you worry about are the same things ancient humans worry about.

Those are the very same things your heroes worry about before they get called onto their epic adventures. When they learn their hidden skills, build a crew, and get ready to conquer evil.
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