Hidden Power by Devyn Jayse

Hidden Power by Devyn Jayse (Must Love Dragons #2)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 235 KB

Finding out magic exists.sucks.
Now part of the Dragon Research Initiate Program, Vanessa discovers the program is far more grueling than she expected. Navigating the secret world of supernaturals and dealing with shifters, vampires, and witches is exhausting but Vanessa is determined to survive it to protect her secret. She has no other choice, she can’t go back home.
However, other members in the program, like Leire Gomez, are trying to sabotage Vanessa’s progress and get her kicked out. If Leire finds out Vanessa’s secret and tells the dragons, it would mean Vanessa’s death.
The only way for Vanessa to save herself is to locate a witch. Can Vanessa trust a stranger – especially this witch?