High Heels and Dirty Deals by means of Brett Tate

High Heels and Dirty Deals Globetrotting Tales of Debauchery from a binge consuming Nymphomaniac by means of Brett Tate
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Overview: Hilarious, riveting stories from a photo-journalist in his relentless pursuit of rapid cash, unique girls, and debauchery. Brett Tate and his posse of Russian gazillionaire gangsters blast via Moscow’s fast moving nightlife dwelling massive, leaving a carnal teach break of their wake. Devious adventures with peculiar twists. They one way or the other organize to set new highs and new lows for depravity on the similar time. The tales are packaged with screaming humorous statement humor and candid to erotic pictures as they tear up town. Like a Beverly Hills mafia, the rich businessmen/degenerates spend their days in a sea of top-shelf imported booze, Colombian flake, and a human pyramid of nude fashions.

The writing captures the heart beat and darkish comedy fatalism of adrenaline junkies dwelling the mobster way of life. Dangers and penalties are not noted. No expense is spared. The angle, attractions and sounds are described with a surprising readability. Tate is a chest thumping Gladiator one 2nd, self-deprecating and self-destructive the following. Brilliant; and but clinically insane, written with the same quantity of interest of the result because the reader’s. You really feel as though Tate is sitting subsequent to you sharing his stories.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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