High Power Motivation: Determination & Drive, Day & Night Meditation & Affirmations [audiobook]


Jupiter Productions, Kev Thompson (Narrator), “High Power Motivation: Determination & Drive, Day & Night Meditation & Affirmations”
ASIN: B07CT1PC6X | 2018 | [email protected] kbps | ~09:09:00 | 260 MB

This “High Power Motivation” program was designed to assist the listener in gaining self-thoughts related to gaining positive motivation, focus, and follow-through in achieving personal goals.

Expanding Evolution, Day & Night Meditations programs have been designed for those who wish to expand and evolve into increased personal success by exercising the power of focused perception and intention with positive thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. In addition, a daily practice of meditation has been known to provide many additional benefits, such as increased energy levels, health, happiness, optimism, peace, clarity, and self-control.

Included you will find six meditations: three for use during the day and three for the evening, at bedtime, or while sleeping. Each meditation starts with a short, guided induction to quiet your mind and thoughts before the goal-specific affirmations begin. The background music is different for each meditation to match your personal taste.

Mastery over thoughts, feelings, and actions begins in the mind. It is through consistent practice and dedication that success can be achieved in any endeavor. That being said, this program is best used repeatedly and often until the desired effects have been achieved.

Accomplish your goals and create the life you’ve always wanted starting today!