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    Default Manhood The Rise and Fall of the Penis

    Release name: Manhood The Rise and Fall of the Penis -- SSEC
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    Manhood The Rise and Fall of the Penis -- SSEC329987acdc8bff28e57652adcdf90c9b.jpg
    2010 | ISBN: 1861895429 | 288 pages | PDF | 3.77 Mb
    In Manhood, experienced urologist and sexologist Mels van Driel offers an unprecedented history of the penis with answers to everything you wanted to know, and even some questions you'd never thought to ask. Investigating the penis and its functions, van Driel's work ranges from impotence to the speed of ejaculation, and from inguinal hernia to infertility. Psychological factors that have an impact on sexual experience, as well as contemporary phenomena, such as cyber sex, are examined along the way with good humor and much insight.



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