Holt Mathematics, Course 2, Grade 7

Holt Mathematics, Course 2, Grade 7 Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston
Date: 2007-01-01
ISBN-10: 0030385121
ISBN-13: 9780030385438
Language: English
Pages: 896
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From Contents – Algebraic Reasoning; Integers and Rational Numbers; Applying Rational Numbers; Patterns and Functions; Proportional Relationships; Percents; Collecting, Displaying and Analyzing Data; Geometric Figures; Measurement Tow-Dimensional Figures; Three-Dimensional Figures; Probability; Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities. (Description by http-mart) Show more Show less d46e0e4944d9ed0fed6c47c70b7dc7d6]http://uploaded.net/file/o022673c/0030385121%28MT%29%28pdf%29.part1.rar Size: (23.84 MB) [/code]File name: 0030385121(MT)(pdf).part1.rar File size: 23.84 MB c770ee6351e8bcaa0da8fc4b9e977b70]http://uploaded.net/file/gmw4qm8g/0030385121%28MT%29%28pdf%29.part2.rar Size: (23.81 MB) [/code]File name: 0030385121(MT)(pdf).part2.rar File size: 23.81 MB