“Homework” by M. Weistling, DVD4 [instructional video, DVDRip]

"Homework" by M. Weistling, DVD4 [instructional video, DVDRip] | 2.05 GB
A NOTE FROM THE PRODUCERS: We recently spent a full week in Morgan Weistling’s studio filming the entire painting process of this beautiful work, which was created for a gallery sale. This is not the typical demonstration painting seen in workshops.

It was painted over a period of six days with Morgan providing a continuous commentary about his drawing and painting process. Morgan receives countless invitations to teach workshops around the country, but due to his gallery and show obligations, his opportunity to teach is rare. So to be able to reach the painters who want to study with him, but can’t, he filmed this video to fill that need.

A warm and giving instructor with a lively sense of humor, he offers much more than a workshop in this program, where he is able to paint at his own pace in the familiar surroundings of his own studio using a local model. In addition to demonstrating his painting process, Morgan spent several hours doing instructional "side trips", which provide additional instruction intended to supplement and punctuate the most important principles he demonstrates while doing the painting. This additional material, which simply cannot be missed, will cause the the video to run from 7 to 8 hours in length.
If you have ever wanted to take a "private lesson" with a master painter, this is the video that will allow you to experience that desire. Take a visual tour of his studio and the environment in which he paints, and you will feel as if you are there during the entire creative process.







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