Hostage Moon By A. J. Quinn [Audiobook]

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Everything can change in a heartbeat.Hunter Roswell thought she had left her past behind. But her carefully structured world starts to fall apart when a serial killer connected to her past emerges from the shadows and begins stalking her. Already responsible for the deaths of five women, the killer now has Hunter firmly in his sights. And he’s picked a target date – the night of October’s full moon – also known as the blood moon or hunter’s moon.

Sara Wilder, a psychologist and former FBI profiler, is brought in to help Hunter unravel the connection between her past and a ruthless killer. But as the search for the killer intensifies, both women find themselves struggling with an unexpected and undeniably mutual attraction. In a race against time, can they survive a killer who is willing to use anything – even love – to further his own agenda?

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