How To Be Alive: No Impact Man’s …

How To Be Alive: No Impact Man’s Guide To A High Impact Life

The author of No Impact Man and founder of the No Impact Project returns with this trailblazing guide to living a meaningful and fulfilling life while also contributing to the wellbeing of our communities and the planet. Deeply concerned about the environment, Colin Beavan went on a yearlong experiment to lead a zero net-impact existence in the middle of New York City. The project went far beyond the typical reduce, reuse, recycle credo and had a profound effect on Colin and those around him, in the process prompting what he came to refer to as a lifestyle redesign. His project, chronicled in a book, a documentary, and an ongoing lecture series, has provoked and inspired tens of thousands of people. But most people cannot make the extreme changes that Colin explored. In this thoughtful, enlightening guide, Colin offers insight to help readers negotiate the maze of dilemmas and questions that confront us all when trying to do right by themselves and the planet. He shares his own experiences alongside those of the many people he has met along his journey who have discovered thousands of transformational lifestyle adjustmentssmall and largethat offer both security and meaning in a world plagued by ecological disaster, failing economies, war, and social injustice. In the process, he helps readers embark on the quest for a good lifeboth better for themselves and the world.